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Is there a limit to the file size allowed for uploads by CGI scripts?
Posted on 01 January 2004 07:05 AM
In order to prevent too many server resources from being used by a file upload process, CGI scripts run via Apache are subject to restrictions. They are as follows:

Limits for the Community Servers
CPU runtime: 30 seconds
Memory: 48 MB

Limits for the High Capacity Servers
CPU runtime: 30 seconds
Memory: 64 MB

Default Limits for the Managed QuestServers (MQS)
CPU runtime: 60 seconds
Memory: 64 MB
The Managed QuestServers are dedicated servers and the limits are able to be adjusted upon site owner request.

CGI is administratively controlled in a similar way as PHP, but slightly more relaxed as PHP is buffering the input and can increase the overall footprint size of the Apache engine. With CGI, it can balloon up in size, but once the script finishes running, its instance ends and the resources are reclaimed by Linux. This is why PHP must be carefully monitored and controlled as it is a persistent engine that has a much longer lifespan.

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