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Registrar requires DNS host to be active before registration?
Posted on 24 October 2003 04:05 PM

I intend to host a domain with your company and I am trying to register the domain name with Malaysia registrar MYNIC.

It is their requirement that the company's DNS servers are configured to accept mynewdomain.com.my before we can submit the registration application form. (For details, please refer to the following for MYNIC's special requirements at http://www1.mynic.net.my/newhp/registration.htm#pre.)

Could you please do whatever is necessary so that I can register the domain and host it with FQ?


Once you place and confirm an order with FutureQuest (http://www.FutureQuest.net/Order/), we will set the account up on the servers within 24 hours (usually much less time) and then send an Activation Letter to you via email to let you know that we have done so.

With the above process, the requirements of the registrar should be satisfied for, as soon as FutureQuest activates the new package, the FutureQuest Domain Name Servers will begin to listen for that domain name.

TIP: MAKE SURE the domain name you wish to register is in fact available prior to placing your order with FutureQuest.

(The above response is for those select few registrars, such as MYNIC, that require the host's DNS to be listening for a domain name before the domain name can be registered. Most registrars do not require this, and it is generally recommended by FutureQuest to register your domain name first before ordering a hosting package.)