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Knowledgebase: Domain Names
Can I keep control of my domain's DNS?
Posted on 24 October 2003 03:55 PM
Yes, you may use third party DNS if you like. Although we are not able to provide support in this area through the Service Desk, here is some information to get you started.

FutureQuest offers what we call "Shadow DNS". "Shadow DNS" allows those that manage their own DNS to set entries for various DNS settings once and, as long as that domain is hosted at FutureQuest, they will not have to worry about updating those entries in the case of an IP address change or MySQL server change.

To take advantage of Shadow DNS, you can use the following:

(Note: Replace example.com with your actual domain name and extension, i.e., mysql.FutureQuest.net would be mysql.FutureQuest.net.fqdns.net.)

example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for example.com
www.example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for www.example.com
mysql.example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for mysql.example.com
example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for ftp.example.com

If FutureQuest will be hosting your email, the MX record will need to be set to:

pop.example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for pop.example.com
mail.example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as a CNAME for mail.example.com

For mailing lists:
lists.example.com.fqdns.net <-- Set this as the MX record for lists.example.com (Do not set as a CNAME)

Additionally, you will need to set up any subdomains (DS-IR/DS-ER) that you have with us.

The above is just a brief outline and is subject to change and also may vary depending on the settings that each individual domain may require. The account holder, or site manager, needs to determine what DNS settings they require if managing the DNS externally. FutureQuest provides all required DNS settings by default, whether the package uses them or not. If you are having other companies provide email services or other services to your domain, you will need to contact those providers for specific guidance.

Special Note: If FutureQuest will not be hosting your email and your hosting package with us was activated prior to 2005, please contact the Service Desk to check for legacy MX Record issues.