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Knowledgebase: CGI/Perl
Defining Mysterious Script Errors
Posted on 19 December 2003 08:15 AM
All the browser tells me is "500 Internal Error"! I need more information. Is there a way I can get a more specific error message?

There are a few ways. They do not _always_ offer more info, but many times they do. As such, they are worth the time to try and should be done before emailing technical support.

  • View your script error logs located in your /logs_cgi/ directory. (Once you've fixed the error, you may also want to delete those logs to save on disk space. The server will recreate the log file for you if/when needed.)

  • Use the CGI Script Debugger available in your CNC under Troubleshooting or, if you prefer, you can use SSH to perform the troubleshooting for you by following the instructions below:

    First, connect to your account via SSH. Then type:
    cd /big/dom/xdomain/cgi-bin/ {Enter}
    (or the path to the directory where your script is, where xdomain=xyourdomain)

    ls {Enter}
    (will show you a list of everything in that directory)

    perl -cw scriptname.pl {Enter}
    (where scriptname.pl is the name of the script you wish to check)

    This is a fantastic little script that will let you know if the syntax of your script is ok. If it is not, it will usually point out exactly where the syntax is flawed and suggest a fix for it.

Other items to check include: We hope this provides some useful tools and information to help you in the debugging process. Although third party script support is not something that is offered through the Service Desk, you may find the many posts within the FutureQuest® Community Support Forums concerning script installation and troubleshooting helpful. You may visit the FutureQuest® Community Support Forums anytime by pointing your browser to: