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Free Banner Advertising!
Posted on 18 December 2003 08:38 AM
If you have a web site hosted on the FutureQuest® servers, you are entitled to have that web site's banner ad included in the banner rotations that appear on certain FutureQuest-owned sites--FREE! All you need to do is upload the banner to your www directory and let us know where it is by filling out the form below. It really is just that simple!

If you do not currently have a banner and are not sure how to create one, the following web sites will allow you to create one easily, quickly, and online right now... for FREE!

For more information about banner advertising and how to utilize it to your advantage, you may also want to visit http://www.BannerTips.com/

To add your banner to the banner rotation display on FutureQuest's own websites, such as on our directory at Net-Sleuth.com, simply fill out the form below:

Note: All banners are downloaded and saved to our disk space and served from that location. If you intend to change your banner, for seasonal or business reasons, you will need to resubmit the banner request, using the form below. When new requests are received for the same domain name, we simply remove the old and replace it with the new.

The URL link to your banner image:
The URL of the web site to link to:
Web site must be hosted on the FutureQuest® servers.


    Banner size must be 468x60.
    Banner file must be either a .jpg or .gif
    Banner file size cannot be larger than 20kb.
    Banner must promote a web site hosted on the FutureQuest® servers.
    Banner must link to a web site hosted on the FutureQuest® servers.
    Banner must not contain nor link to anything not rated "G" (appropriate for all ages).