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Instant Redirection Menu Generator for Easy Navigation
Posted on 18 December 2003 05:15 AM
*Note: The code generated by this form only available for use on a web site that is hosted by FutureQuest®

With the Redirection Menu, you can easily add and delete important links to your site. This makes it easier for you to keep track of them, in addition to creating a simply wonderful way for your visitors to navigate around your web site!

If you have a Full Package on FutureQuest®, answer the questions below and the HTML for your Redirection Menu will be created for you!

First, select the menu with the size you like most below. You will be able to perfect the look and feel of it later as your needs change.

Size = 1
Size = 3

Size = 5

Size = 8

Now, type the URLs (example: http://www.example.com)and the titles you would like for the links. The 'titles' will be what your visitors will see in the Redirection Menu. Be aware that the longer your titles are the wider your menu will be. The menu items will also show in your menu in the order you put them here. We have limited the options down to five, however once the HTML is generated you will have a template where you may add or delete as many items as you would like.

URL 1.
Title =
URL 2.
Title =
URL 3.
Title =
URL 4.
Title =
URL 5.
Title =

What word(s) would you like on the 'Go' button?
Examples: Submit, Go, Take Me There, Hurry UP!, etc...