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Un/Subscribe From Your Web Site
Posted on 11 December 2003 07:00 AM

An un/subscribe form generator for each ezmlm-idx list is available within the CNC (see "List Options" on the Mailing List Properties screen for the mailing list). Legacy ezmlm lists would need to use the form generator below.

You may use this form to automagically generate code to allow your visitors to easily subscribe/unsubscribe to your existing list from any of your web pages.

To generate the code, answer the following questions:

What List Name did you give your mailing list?

Note: The List Name is shown in the first row of the Mailing List Properties table in your list's CNC page. In the diagram below, it is circled in green: mylist. Also note that in the list's email address, the name is the part that comes in front of the @ symbol.

What is your Domain Name?
(do *not* include http://www.)

After the visitor has subscribed to your mailing list, what is the URL you would like them to be redirected to? Possibly a "thank you" page, or some other type of confirmation page you have created.

After the visitor has unsubscribed from your mailing list, what URL would you like them returned to? This page is optional - if left blank, the visitor will be returned to the first URL above.