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Knowledgebase: Mailing Lists/ezmlm
Mailing Lists
Posted on 08 December 2003 09:10 AM
The Easy Mailing List Manager (ezmlm/idx) is pre-installed on every Full Package from FutureQuest.

Using ezmlm-idx, you can create Announcement Lists or Discussion Lists.

Announcement Lists are intended for one-way broadcasting of information from the List Owner to a group of recipients. Discussion Lists allow users to post messages to communicate as a group.

Note: Setting your list to require moderators to approve posts is the most secure option to prevent unauthorized posting. Announcement lists are always moderated. Discussion lists have various options for posting permissions. As older mailing lists (legacy ezmlm) do not have the moderation feature and are not as easy to secure, we recommend upgrading those lists to the newer software (ezmlm-idx). The option to convert your legacy ezmlm lists to ezmlm-idx is available in the CNC.

The easiest way to create and maintain your mailing lists is to use your CNC (Command'n'Control) panel. Once logged in, click on "Mailing Lists".

More guides on working with your mailing lists can be found within the Mailing Lists/ezmlm section of the knowledgebase. Additional information on ezmlm/idx can be found in the ezmlm/idx manual at ezmlm.org.

Please be aware: FutureQuest has a strict anti-spam policy and cannot host sites that generate spam complaints. Mailing Lists are required by the TOS to use a Confirmed Opt-In subscription process. Using the list's subscribe address, listname-subscribe@lists.example.com (where listname is replaced by your actual list's name and example.com is replaced by your domain name), or the web subscribe form provided by FutureQuest will ensure compliance with this requirement.